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Scene Reads

 SR 1 TH 102917   SR 2 TH 102917

Internet Search Scene

juan001  juanmike002  juanmike0001

juanmike4   mike001

Makeup Time

makeup1   makeup2

Opening Scene

outside3   outside2   opening1

Lobby Scene

lobby7   lobby5   lobby8

lobby2   lobby4   doug 1

Hallway Scenes

hallway1   filming hall shot T   hall setup T

hall shot setup 2 T

Picnic Scene

picnic 1  picnic 2  picnic 3  picnic 4  picnic 5  picnic 6


pillow mike T   mike wrapped T   Dalen contacts T

mike open bag T   mike bag T

Cast/Crew Screening of The Exit Bag

Group 1   Group 3  Group 4  Group 2   Mkie Ashley   Juan Catherine   Dalen   Austin   Doug2   sam Ashley


More pictures coming soon.

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