Final Thoughts from Kilgore

The Reel East Texas Film Festival was not the biggest or best. It was a first-year event. The theater was never packed, and I assume that the quality of films submitted reflected their first-year status. But it was perfect for my film festival education.

I now know what entry-level films look like. But most of all, because it was not super crowded like Sundance or SxSW, it was easy to mingle with the actual movie makers. These were not the big-boy studios. They were very open and willing to talk craft. Not one question I had went unanswered. Some even asked questions about The Exit Bag and offered advice.

I couldn’t have picked a better festival as my first. I’ll be going to others, but for this newbie, this one was perfect.

I’m sure this little festival in the piney woods of East Texas will grow, and will get bigger and more respected with each year. I hope from what I learned, I will continue to grow as a film maker also.

Final words for Kilgore – (in my best Arnold voice) I’ll be back. And, hopefully, with a dog in the fight.

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