On The Road Again…

retff logoI’m making my list and checking it twice. Santa Claus? Nope – just me. The list is what I need to pack for the Reel East Texas Film Festival in Kilgore, Texas, which kicks off tomorrow (Thursday, November 16).

With this being my first film festival (yes, I’m a film festival virgin), I’ll be looking, watching, seeing, learning all I can.  I want to soak up the whole FF scene. We don’t want to jump into the water blind once we start hitting the film festival circuit with The Exit Bag next year.

I also look forward to talking with the actual movie makers. Hopefully I can pick up some FF tips from those that have been around the circuit for a while. You never know – We may make make some contacts this weekend that can become valuable on future projects.

I’ll do a little live blogging while I’m there, so check this blog often to see my opinions and experiences at my first film festival.

me3By the way, if you happen to be in Kilgore this weekend and see me wondering around with a lost or glazed-over look… please stop and help. It will be greatly appreciated.

Ron Hervey
Screenwriter/Associate Producer
The Exit Bag

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